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We believe in purposeful education and our goal is to go an extra step to provide our users with information, advice and insights on how to take up the right career paths.


Through this we aim to harness the power of virtual collaboration and tap into the potential of peer-to-peer learning. Our online discussion forums are rich and inspiring.


Shasha strives to provide the most valuable content relative and responsive to the needs of a 21th century student. Our repository of notes is sure to make you a star student. Here you’ll find all of Shasha’s vast learning repositories

A place where students can learn, interact, have fun and meet tutors.

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Featured Page

Featured Page

For the first time in history we can succeed in providing education for all children and young people. If we put education first, we will gain multiple benefits in terms of development and prosperity. Political will is paramount, and must

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Our Education is free , and made just for you

Our Education is free , and made just for you

Here at Shasha we understand the constraints and hardships that come with being a student in Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole. We all come from different backgrounds , live different lives but ideally the journey of our education is

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What Users Say

The Shasha Network played a great role in my education journey. It provided me with the most needed information for my exams and also career guidance that shaped my aspirations to study in the sciences.

Talent Muzenda 20 points Advanced Level

Using Shasha makes your studying plan more specific and at the same time very simple. The online discussions are very empowering.

Tawanda Chiwara 15 Points Advanced Level

Shasha makes learning easier, less frustrating and more fun.

Takudzwa Caitano 16 As IGCSE