Get a deeper understanding of the Humanities from world experts who have been working in different sectors and how a career in humanities can be useful in your journey.

  customlogoThis section aims to assist students in coming up with the best and most well informed decisions in selecting career paths which are aligned with the Arts and Humanities. In this section we will offer you information on the subjects involved, potential programs and the possible jobs or career paths they lead to. These subjects include but are not limited to Divinity, Geography, Shona, Ndebele, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Literature, Latin, Sociology, Ndebele, Psychology, Applied art and design, Music and Tourism.


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  • Public Relations and communication.


  1. BA with specialization in communication and languages.

  2. BA with specialization in any school subject areas.

  3. BA with specialization in Philosophy and religion.

  4. BA with specialization in social sciences.

  5. Community development and leadership.

  6. Development studies.

  7. Film and television studies.

  8. Geography.

  9. Journalism.

  10. Language practice.

  11. Politics.

  12. Corporate communication.

  13. Marketing communication.

  14. Social work.

         Possible Careers and Job


  1. Anthropologist      Image result for anthropologist at work

  2. Journalist

  3. Ethicist

  4. Social responsibility officer

  5. Manager of Multicultural and gender affairs

  6. General manager

  7. Teacher

  8. Human resources development

  9. Public governance, civil service


Image result for international relationsDevelopment studies

  • Development planner

  • Development administrator or researcher

  • Work for government NGO’S ,or Private sector

International studies

  1. Civil service –Department of foreign affairs

  2. Trade and industry

  3. International organizations



Image result for photojournalist at work         Journalism

  1. Journalism

  2. Copywriting

  3. Corporate journalism

  4. Language

  5. Translators

  6. Interpreters

  7. Language planners

  8. Copy writers

  9. Copy editors

  10. Literary reviewers

  11. Literary specialists

  12. Language trainers and teachers


Image result for Law Law

Legal advisor

A career in public administration




Public Management and Governance

Public managers in state departments

Provincial departments and municipalities    

Private and NGO Sector administrative and managerial positions       


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Social and Marketing Research

  • Marketing researcher

Social work

  • Social worker in private sector, welfare organizations and governmental and non-governmental organization


  • Tourism development executive

  • Tourism development policy planner

  • Tourism development officer