Here at Shasha we understand the constraints and hardships that come with being a student in Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole. We all come from different backgrounds , live different lives but ideally the journey of our education is one that should be as equal as possible. This is why we have standardised tests and learning curriculums meant to intellectually empower everyone the same way. However we know that various circumstances such as lack of textbooks can often limit the resources of many students in school , whether those circumstances are just financial or otherwise. And such limitations often cause so many African students , too many in fact , to not reach their full academic potential or become the students, let alone individuals that they are meant to be.

This has obviously gone on for too long. Which is why here at Shasha we are committed to giving you a level playing field and make everyone a champion FOR FREE. Our Libraries are full of notes , exam prep materials and soon learning tutorials all designed to give you an edge in your education as well as fill any void left behind by circumstances beyond your control. And every day this library is growing to give you even more material to work with and never leave you feeling unsatisfied in your thirst for knowledge, a better future and a better life. Our community features a well are also at your disposal ranging from group discussion forums to project sharing and even educational themed social features to use in your downtime. All we want is to create the learning environment every student deserves and to make sure they are never left wanting.

So , if you have a friend who lacks a certain textbook , is falling behind in class or hant been to school for various reason, let us help him out. We’re here for them and will continue to be until we can make more underpriviledged children into champions. And please if you cant find the notes or materials you are looking for or maybe just want to talk about your experiences at school,  please email  and we , I personally promise to get back to you.

Yours Sincerely

Clint-Roy Mukarakate (Operations Director)