A company wishes to construct a factory shell in Gwanda. How and to what extent is critical path analysis useful in undertaking the project?



The candidate must be fully knowledgeable of the key concept of Critical Path Analysis (CPA).

Answers should go on to discuss the benefits and limitations of this technique (CPA).



Critical Path Analysis:

  • A method of calculating the minimum time required to complete a project, identifying delays which could be critical to its completion.
  • It can also be defined as an algorithm for scheduling a set of project activities or a common technique used for planning and coordinating complex projects.
  • A project management tool that identifies all tasks in a project, puts them in the correct sequence and allows for the identification of the critical path.


Project management:

  • Using modern management techniques to carry out a complete project from start to finish in order, achieving pre-set targets of quality, time and costs.  


Factory Shell:

  • It’s a typical industrial structure for manufacturing or processing activities.



  • A specific and temporary activity with a starting and ending date, clear goals, defined responsibilities and a budget.




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